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Heroes on the big screen get a lot of help to look that good and fight that hard and from October to February Royal Armouries Museum are running a whole series of events revealing the tricks of the trade – Action Heroes (30 Nov & 1 Dec), Space Heroes (28 & 29 Dec), Fantasy Heroes (25 & 26 Jan) and Superheroes for February half term (15 – 23 Feb).

Come and MAKE: Believe at the Royal Armouries and discover the magic behind the movies. More information and tickets can be found on their website

Action Heroes (30th November – 1st December)

Whether you’re a grizzled PI, a dilettante adventurer or just a regular joe in a heap of trouble who’s been landed with saving the world, you’re going to need to know how to take a punch, how to tackle multiple henchmen and how to hang on to a hat while duking it out on a speeding tank. Luckily stunt school’s in session at the Armouries…

Find out more here.

Space Heroes (28th December – 29th December)

It may be tough hearing things in space, but at a museum not so very far away you can hear, see and try your hand at the movie magic that makes swords out of light, heroes out of convicts and xenomorphs out of anything those pesky face-huggers can wrap their slimy legs around. It’s time to strike back!

Find out more here.

Fantasy Heroes (25th January – 26th January)

Winter is here, so you’re going to have to decide what to do with the time given to you. And whether it’s dragons or demons or filthy orcses, all you’ve got in your battle against the darkness is heart, faith and steel. Luckily they have the latter in plentiful supply at the Armouries, so bring heart and faith and maybe a packed lunch, and let training begin…

Find out more here.

Superheroes (15th February – 23rd February)

They have speeding bullets and a tall building, so where better to discover your inner superhero than at the Armouries this spring. But not all of us are made of steel, so come design and build your own superhero armour. (Evil masterminds also welcome).

Find out more here.