Millennium Falcons to protect penguins at Hull aquarium

The Deep has commissioned local falconry experts to help tackle a pigeon problem at the aquarium with the use of a Peregrine Falcon and Harris Hawk.

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East Riding Falconry will be visiting the Hull based aquarium over the coming weeks to scare a number of pesky pigeons away from the penguins.

Colin Brown, Chief Executive tells us more: “The pigeons are causing a real nuisance here at The Deep. Not only are they making a huge mess on our roof, but they seem to like the area outside the penguin’s balcony. This in itself is causing a problem as we can’t let the penguins outside through fear of them being chased.

“A number of major events including Wimbledon have successfully scared the pigeons away using this method, so we thought it was worth a try! We are told that the sight of birds of prey is generally enough to scare the pests into taking flight. When the falcon and hawk are flown in a specific routine, it alters the pigeons roosting and nesting patterns.”

Attending The Deep will be Barry, a 5 year old Peregrine Falcon and Rik, an 18 month old Harris Hawk. Both different in their tactics, they both prove very effective in scaring off unwanted birds.

Barry really enjoys flying around on windy days and generally making a racket, but it not so fond of wheelbarrows or people’s hats. Falcons are small, fast and agile creatures who stay up high and are known as having the silhouette of all birds’ worst fears.

Rik however tends to prefer the sunshine, but has a bit of a disliking for cats and the rain. Larger than his friend, hawks are heavier and not as fast. They tend to sit around on the roofs of building and because of their size they scare the pests away.

Please note – All of the birds used throughout this process are not trained to hunt. They are only used as a deterrent and a scare factor. They do not kill any of the target pest species.

For more information on the penguins and upcoming events at The Deep, visit their website and our events page.

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