Pixel the Polar Bear joins Victor at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Victor, the country’s only polar bear, has welcomed a new friend to his specially built home at award winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

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The 480kg favourite is sharing his realm with a two-year-old male polar bear called Pixel.

Victor is a venerable 16-year-old senior but the age gap friendship will be perfectly natural as males leave their mothers at two to roam the wilderness joining groups of other males. The two new friends will look like little and large as Pixel is a third of the size of Victor.

Victor, who has been resident since last August, gave a roar when he realised there was an new arrival at Project Polar, but after a roar or two he settled down.

Pixel’s arrival is another exciting development for the innovative walk through attraction, which has plenty of family fun lined up for the Easter holidays and into the Summer.

The Park’s celebrated Easter Egg trail has prizes for children who complete a route around the 70-acre park taking in the unique animal collection of some of the world’s most endangered and beautiful species including Amur Tigers and Leopards, and Painted Hunting Dogs along with Lions, Giraffes, Baboons, Lemurs and Meerkats.

The weatherproof 600 sq m Monkey Play barn is the perfect place to warm up or stay out of the sun.

Adults can relax whilst the children enjoy three levels of play equipment, including climbing frames, dens, slides and rope bridges in full view of the baboon reserve through a glass wall.

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