Experience an ‘Elves workshop’ at Cannon Hall Farm with Harriet from @TobyandRoo!

We invited parent and lifestyle blogger, Harriet from @TobyandRoo, to have a festive elvish day out at Cannon Hall Farm…

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We love @TobyandRoo for her honest narrative and her down-to-earth style in her blogs, so when approached  for a day out at Cannon Hall Farm it was a nice surprise to get a great review  about her festive experience!

Read all about her experience as she met reindeer, helped build a bear and write a note to Santa!

Harriet’s experience

Family time with Harriet from @TobyandRoo 

Our visit to Cannon Hall Farm was, without a shadow of doubt, one of the best parts of our Christmas holiday experiences so far.

One of the things we liked the most about Cannon Hall Farm was that there are play areas galore for the kids to climb in, play in and just go crazy to burn off some energy before their experience.

There are wonderful climbing and plays areas as soon as you walk through the door, fabulous animal barns that had everything from exotic breed goats, cows and sheep to farrowing pigs – the kids even got to see a pig farrowing as we walked by, it was magical.

I loved the set up of the elf workshop, there were teddies to make lined up in each corner and the entry was designed like a border control, so the boys really felt like they had been transported to a magical world – especially when they saw that they had to go through the naughty or nice scanner.

I also really like the “direct inbox” for Santa, both the boys came away with a big smile on their faces thinking that Santa would get their mail that evening.

We really enjoyed the festive atmosphere at the farm, and a few more elves in the Toy Factory would have made the event even better – but it was the first weekend and I’m sure that’s now been sorted.

The Elf Workshop was really fun and packed with things to do, including build your own teddy (complete with a heart that you stuffed inside after adding some Christmas magic), writing a note to Santa and even making your own reindeer food to sprinkle on Christmas Eve.

We especially loved seeing the reindeer, which the boys enjoyed calling all of the magical reindeer names – FYI they looked up at Donna and Blitzen, so keep an eye out for the others!

All in all a magical day, the children are all captivated with their new teddies and we really enjoyed the whole experience. I would 100% recommend Cannon Hall Farm for a day out.

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