International Day of Families

International Day for Families is a day where we celebrate our family and the importance of them.

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The idea is to bring us closer together and get the correct balance of the working life and the family life.  On Sunday 15th May it is #InternationalDayOfFamilies! The Day was brought about by the United Nations who felt it was important to have happy healthy relationships with our relatives.

The day is about how important they are to you. Many of us come from different background, different counties, different ethnic back grounds but the May 15th is about bringing everyone together and celebrating what we sometimes take for granted.

Each year there is a different theme and this year is the 22nd anniversary so the United Nations decided that ‘Families, healthy lives and sustainable future’ was going to be the theme.

The UN want to bring families back together and show us that maybe sometimes we don’t always make time for the people we love the most  because they live with us and we forget to spend quality time together! Even doing a small activity can bring your family closer and we must not forget how important our family are to us and it is also very important that we always make time for them even if our lives are very busy.

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