Halloween Party

Looking to throw a fang-tastic Halloween party for your little ones this October?

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From devilish decorations to a frightening feast, monster music and goulish games, we’ve got you covered to ensure your family-friendly Halloween party is spook-tacular!

Devilish Decorations

  • Find your Halloween theme, from magical monsters to dangerous devils, ghastly ghosts or a pumpkin party, there’s so much to choose from! Transform your party space by dimming the lights and lighting LED candles for a spooky touch. But, nothing says a party like balloons, choose black and orange ones to fit your fright-tastic Halloween theme.

Frightening Feast

Monster Music

  • A monster music playlist is a must to ensure your little ones Halloween party is a fang-tastic success. Finding the right Halloween hits to get the party started can be trick-y, but in our opinion ‘Monster Mash,’ or ‘Ghostbusters’ is always a good start.

Ghoulish Games

  • Ensuring your Halloween party includes some fright-tastic games for your little ones to take part in will go down a treat. Why not spice up the traditional Halloween apple bobbing by adding some food dye or edible glitter to the mix, or take on a Halloween scavenger hunt throughout your home.

However you choose to celebrate Halloween – a fright-tastic party, terrific trick or treating, or heading to one of the spook-tacular events our Yorkshire Attractions have to offer, you’re bound to have some fang-tastic fun!

Halloween PartyHalloween at Williams Den