Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas!

This week it’s Colour Week!

Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas. Every week we’re bringing you activities that are themed around our attractions, to guarantee you will have plenty of fun and learn a lot whilst you stay at home.

This week, inspired by the rainbows we can see in everyone’s windows, our theme is colours! You may not be able to get out and about and see the gorgeous colours of the animals and flowers at our attractions, but we’ve got plenty of activity ideas for you to have some colourful fun whilst at home!

1. Travelling water experiment

You will need: kitchen roll, 6 glasses or plastic cups, water, red, yellow and blue food colouring, spoon

  1. Half-fill your water glasses
  2. Cut three sheets of kitchen roll in two, then fold them in half again
  3. Put a few drops of food colouring in three of the glasses, leaving the other three clear
  4. Put the glasses in a circle, arranging them so there is a transparent glass between each coloured one
  5. Place one end of each piece of paper towel in a coloured cup and the other in a transparent cup to connect them
  6. Before you know it, the transparent cups will become coloured, and the colours will mix to create a rainbow!

2. Rainbow in a bag

You will need: sealable plastic food bag, tape, card or thick paper, paint, teaspoon

  1. Trim your card to fit in your plastic bag
  2. Fill your teaspoon with paint
  3. Put the heaped teaspoon in the top corner of the card, using the plastic to help you get it off the spoon
  4. Add more colours until you have a line of them at the top of your card
  5. Seal your bag shut (you can use tape if your bag doesn’t close on its own)
  6. Create your abstract painting by pushing the paint across the card through the bag! The paint will stay wet for a while so you can keep revisiting it

3. Paper mosaic colour wheel

You will need: card, magazines, glue, scissors

  1. Cut out fragments from your magazines in different colours, until you have a selection of different shades of six or more colours
  2. Cut out a circle of your card and divide it into as many sections as you have colours
  3. Stick your fragments onto each section, to create your colour wheel
  4. Remember that complementary colours should be on opposite sides of the wheel

4. Rainbow in a jar

You will need: tall glass or jar, food colouring, honey, blue dish soap, water, olive oil, rubbing alcohol, teaspoon, additional glasses or cups for mixing

Before you start, a top tip: you need to add each “layer” carefully so the colours don’t mix! To help this, add each liquid veeeeery gently by tilting the jar so it runs down the side.

  1. Fill your tall jar 1/5 full of honey, add one drop of red food colouring, and one drop of blue food colouring and stir until combined to create a purple liquid
  2. Carefully some blue dish soap to the tall glass or jar, on top of the purple liquid. The jar should now be 2/5 full
  3. Add a couple of drops of green food colouring to some water in a cup then gently pour into your tall jar. The jar should now be 3/5 full
  4. Wait a few moments then slowly add some olive oil to the jar, which will then be 4/5 full
  5. Finally, add some drops of red food colouring to some rubbing alcohol, and carefully add to the jar until it is full. Your rainbow is complete!

How it works: the liquids have different densities. Those that are less dense and lighter float on top of the denser, heavier liquids.

5. Sweetie science project

You will need: sweets with colourful sugar shells, warm water, a white plate

  1. Arrange sweets of different colours in a circle around the edge of the plate
  2. Pour enough warm water to cover the sweets and the plate itself
  3. Check how the dye runs into the water, an creates a whirl of colour! You can still eat them, even once they have lost their colour!

Get creative, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting activities next week.

An attraction for every colour of the rainbow (and a few more!):

Red: Like tomato sauce! Order a pizza (and more!) from Williams Den, more information on their Facebook page.

Pink: Like the flamingos at Harewood House. Support their Bird Garden Appeal.

Yellow: Like a digger! Purchase Diggerland vouchers.

Green: Like the grass at Cannon Hall Farm! Adopt one of their animals.

Blue: Like the sea! Support the Deep by shopping their online collection and donating to them.

Blue: For the NHS! Donate a Buy an ‘NHS ticket donation’ with Yorkshire Wildlife Park – and they will match each donation with another ticket.

Black: Like coal! Dig Deep and Donate to The National Coal Mining Museum, so they can keep the history of coal mining alive for everyone to learn about and enjoy.

Silver: Like armour! Visit the Royal Armouries Home Learning Hub.

All of the colours of the rainbow: Explore colour and lots of other science-y subjects with Eureka! At Home.

All of the colours of the rainbow: Get out your pens and pencils and colour in Bronte Parsonage Museum’s colouring sheets.

All of the colours of the rainbow: Like the bugs and birds at Tropical Butterfly House! Adopt your favourite resident.