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Becoming The Yorkshire Princess

This year on the State Floor, don’t miss a special display giving a first-hand insight into Mary’s life, bringing alive some of the fascinating narratives around her story, who she was, and her journey to becoming a Princess.

Following the recent TV and film plot inclusions, most notably in that of Downton Abbey, HRH Princess Mary, daughter of King George V and Queen Mary, and resident of Harewood House for over 30 years, has been of particular popular interest to our many visitors and Members.

This newly revamped exhibition, Becoming The Yorkshire Princess, introduces immersive spaces and interactive encounters that show characters and objects from a different perspective, giving you the opportunity to get to know the real ‘Yorkshire Princess’. Through this exhibition, you can explore her roles as a daughter, sister and wife, with an intimate glimpse into some of her closest relationships. Be transported back to Mary’s childhood to watch a slideshow of snapshots from a newly-digitised family photograph album, and explore rarely seen personal items, such as a Fabergé necklace pendant containing miniature photographs of her four brothers.

Picture Credit Charlotte Graham