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Experience Shapeshift – Interactive tech that reacts to your movement. The latest digital exhibition taking over the first floor of our Spark gallery!

Shapeshift features three large-scale exhibits where your physical movements trigger a digital response.

  • Interact with floor-to-ceiling digital exhibits that respond to YOU
  • Move your body to control, morph and effect the exhibits
  • Draw on a tablet to see your creation brought to life by flipping black and white discs
  • Interact with giant touchscreens to control multi-coloured shapes and different sounds
  • See butterflies appear as a floor-to-ceiling projection senses your movement
  • Jump, dance and move and see the thousands of tiny particles respond on a huge projection screen

Event Highlights

  1. Butterfly Effect by Think Create
  2. Flipdot by Think Create
  3. Variant by Interval Studio