Harewood House Bird Garden Appeal Launched to Raise Vital Funds During Lockdown

Whilst the gates to Harewood are closed, ongoing essential work takes place behind the scenes to feed and care for over 300 birds and support the breeding season and conservation work in the Harewood Bird Garden.

As a charity, Harewood is reliant on a steady stream of income from visitors and Members, and part of that income ensures the health and wellbeing of 50+ species of birds, many of which are endangered in the wild.

Across a 12-week period, £35,000 is needed to support the Harewood Bird Garden and maintain the important work of conservation and engagement with 17 different international breeding programmes. As it’s springtime, it is also breeding season, and new Lovebird and Hill Partridge chicks have been born, which need a great deal of patient and loving care.

Comments Nicholas Dowling, Bird Garden Manager; “Whilst everyday life has changed for most people at the moment, it remains the same for the birds, and work in the Bird Garden must continue. We’ve adapted to a new way of working safely during this time, but now more than ever Harewood Bird Garden needs support from the public.
The Harewood Bird Garden turns 50 this year and we had lots of exciting plans for visitors, including a new Bird Hide and a walk-through aviary. These have all been put on hold as we focus on essential work and also look at how we can tell the stories of these fascinating birds to people online. We know this is a challenging time for everyone, and that there are many causes people will want to support, and so any help in any way is greatly appreciated.

Harewood Bird Garden named one of the birds Norman last week, in honour of the Leeds United footballer Norman Hunter, who sadly passed away. The Palm Cockatoo is one of the significant species, rescued from an illegal bird trade in the 1990s, and has successfully bred at Harewood.

  • £10 will feed one of the ten Humboldt penguins per week.
  • £20 would get a days’ worth of fresh fruit and vegetables for the birds.
  • £50 donated would cover the food bill for a week, especially for birds with chicks.
  • £77 could cover A Bird Keeper for one day, including their protective equipment.

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Humboldt Penguins at Harewood House

Did you know?

1 – The Bird Garden is an official zoo
The Bird Garden has been a licensed zoo since the 1980s and a member of BIAZA, the professional body representing the best zoos and aquariums in Britain and Ireland.

2 – They are a bird rehab centre
Since the Red Kites were re-introduced just over 20 years ago in the region, the Bird Garden acts as an important rehabilitation facility for Red Kites in the area.

3 – Birds come here from customs and excise
Harewood is a holding venue for UK customs, receiving confiscated or seized animals, particularly prevalent in the 1980 & 90s.

4 – They actively support vital breeding programmes
Harewood’s birds are part of 17 different managed international breeding programmes, of which our two magnificent condors are a part. We are one of the only zoos in the country to house and breed the Vietnam Pheasant.

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