Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas!

This week it’s Puzzle Week!

Every week we’re bringing you activities that are themed around our attractions, to guarantee you will have plenty of fun and learn a lot whilst you stay at home!

Exercise your mind this week as our theme is puzzles! Some of our attractions like to challenge you mentally and as they are closed at the moment, we’ve come up with some activities so you can have some puzzling fun at home!

1. Have a go at our Yorkshire Attractions wordsearch and crossword!

Download our wordsearch here and crossword here.

How many of our attractions can you find in our wordsearch?

Can you solve our crossword? Handy hint – check out the attraction page of our website if you’re stuck on any of the clues!

2. Spot the difference!

Can you spot the difference between these stay-at-home themed pictures? How many differences are there?

3. Make your own jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle your family with your very own jigsaw!

You will need: cardboard, paper, glue pencils, pens or paints.

1. Print out the puzzle template here or draw your own on some paper
2. Stick it to a cardboard backing – thin cardboard (like a cereal box) is the best!
3. Decorate it! Colour it in with pens, pencils and paint – make it as hard or as difficult as you like.
4. Cut around the puzzle pieces – it’s a bit fiddly so mind your fingers and get an adult to help if you need to!
5. Challenge your family members to complete your puzzle!

4. Dot to dot challenge

Complete our dot to dot challenge to find something you can see at lots of our outdoor attractions!

Download the sheet here to print out or complete on a tablet.

5. Create your own code

The Vikings used to write out puzzles using a code system based on a form of letters made of carved lines in rows.
Why not create your own code? Follow these simple steps to find out how.

You will need: pens and papers.

1. Write out the first 13 letters of the alphabet (A to M) on a sheet of paper
2. Write out the second 13 letters (N-Z) of the alphabet below the first, in reverse order. This is your key which you will use to write your code – the letter on the first row represents the letter on the second row, and the letter on the second row represents the letter on the first row.
3. Write out a message that you can challenge someone in your household to decipher!
4. Write it down on a separate piece of paper, along with some clues to help them to solve it, such has I=R and E=V. See how long it takes them to figure out your message!
5. Can you solve this puzzle using the code? BLIPHSRIV ZGGIZXGRLMH

Experiment, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our exciting story themed activity ideas next week.

This week, we’re asking for your help to support our Yorkshire Attractions:

  •  Brontë Parsonage are a registered charity, relying heavily on income from their admission fees, event and learning programs. They would much appreciate donations to their “general fund” in order to safeguard the museum, access to the collection and livelihoods of the staff and artists they work with. Donate here.
  • Adopt an animal at Cannon Hall Farm – Their new adoption programme means you’ll be able to help keep their animals safe and well in this unprecendent time. Your sponsorship will contribute to the welfare of all their amazing animals on site. Adopt here.
  • The Deep – During this period of closure their funding from admission tickets has stopped. As a charity, their financial reserves are limited, so they asking you, friends and supporters, to consider making a donation to help them continue their work beyond Covid 19. Donate here.
  •  Harewood House – Whilst the gates at Harewood House are closed, work cannot stop behind them. Help them raise the funds they need to care for the residents of their Bird Gardens. Support the appeal.
  •  JORVIK Viking Centre – If you would like to show your support and offer a donation to York Archaeological Trust to help assist them during this difficult time it would be appreciated enormously. Find out more and donate.
  • National Coal Mining Museum – dig deep and donate, in order to allow the museum to keep the history of coal mining alive for everyone to learn about and enjoy. Donate here.
  •  Royal Armouries – the museum is a charity and relies on your support. Every £1 donated is invested back into the museum, so that you can play your part in caring for the national collection and keeping it free for future generations to enjoy. See more.
  •  Yorkshire Wildlife Park – donate a wild day out to a local NHS hero – you can buy a ticket for a key worker to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park as a thank you for their incredible work on the frontline. If you buy one ticket, YWP will match it with another ticket for an NHS frontline worker. Buy yours now.