Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas!

This week it’s Story Week!

Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas. Every week we’re bringing you activities that are themed around our attractions, to guarantee you will have plenty of fun and learn a lot whilst you stay at home.

This week, get creative and write your own stories! You may not be able to get out and about to our attractions to spark your imagination, but never fear, we’ve got some activity ideas for you to have some fictional fun at home.

1. Create your own sticker story

You will need: paper, pens and stickers

1. Collect together a variety of stickers, enough to make your story
2. Start writing your story, replacing some of the words with stickers – you can use as many or as little as you like – the choice is yours!

2. Make a story wheel

You will need: cardboard, pens, a push pin

1. Draw around something circular (like a bowl) onto a piece of cardboard.
2. Cut out the circle.
3. Cut an arrow out of another piece of cardboard.
4. Divide the circle into several sections. Decorate each section with ideas for your story – think rockets, castles, unicorns, jungles…
5. Once your circle has been decorated, add the arrow – get a grownup to create a hole in the middle of the circle and the middle of the arrow. Attach them with the push pin.
6. Spin the wheel to create your story! You can base your story on the section the arrow has landed on, or for a longer story, spin the wheel again!

3. Draw your own comic book

You will need: pens, pencils, paper

1. Download the comic book template here
2. Create your comic book! You can create any story you want – use your imagination!

4. Create your own cereal box puppet theatre

You will need: a cereal box, paint, pens, paper or plastic straws, tape, glue

1. Carefully deconstruct your box and lay it flat. Turn your box “inside out” so the shiny side is on the inside.
2. Get an adult to help you cut out a “window” in one of the big sides of the box. Decorate your box to make it into a “stage”. Reconstruct it, gluing along the seams of the box.
3. Cut a slit out in the bottom of the box – this is how the puppets will get to the “stage”!
4. To make you puppets, cut out the characters for your puppet play from the spare cardboard and colour them in.
5. To finish assembling your puppets, attach your characters to the straws with tape. You’re ready to stage your play!

5. Write a cut-and-paste poem

You will need: newspapers and/or magazines, scissors, glue, paper

1. Cut out a selection of words from your newspapers and magazines – it might be quite fiddly so mind your fingers (or get a grown up to do this for you)! Remember to choose big and small words!
2. Once you have plenty of words, lay them out on the table.
3. Use the words to make a poem, arranging them into order.
4. Glue your poem to the paper!

Get creative, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting activities next week.

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