Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas!

Our Top 5!

With our attractions slowly reopening, and many of us returning to work and school, we have decided to bring our weekly stay-at-home content to a close. Don’t worry – we’ll still be popping up with fun things to do, as well as our daily updates from our attractions, of course.

To give our stay-at-home content a good send off, we’ve done a round- up of the most popular activities from the last 13 weeks, so you can give them a go if you haven’t before – or try them again if you have!

1. Oobleck! 

You will need: 1 cup water, 1 to 2 cups of cornflour, food colouring (optional)

Mix the water and cornflour together, adding the flour a spoon at a time, and add the food colouring if using. Once it reaches the right consistency it will feel very weird – it is both a liquid and a solid! Now play with it! If you squeeze it, jab it or quickly run your fingers through it will feel solid, but if you let it ooze out of your fingers or slowly put your hands in it, it will feel liquid!

The science behind it: oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid so acts like a liquid when poured but a solid when a force is acted upon it.

2. Make a Viking Shield

Make and decorate your own shield, just like the Vikings. Have a look at images on the Jorvik JORVIK Viking Centre website for inspiration!

You will need: cardboard, an egg box, pens or paint, sticky tape, silver duct tape, foil, glue, and misc. craft supplies.

  1. Find something round, like a mixing bowl, and place on your cardboard. Draw around it and cut out the circle.
  2. Divide your shield in to four equal sections and stick duct tape along the lines. Paint or draw on each section with the colour and design of your choice.
  3. Cover the edges of your shield with duct tape. As it is round, the easiest way to do this is to cut out lots of little pieces and overlap them along the edge.
  4. Cut out a single raised section from your egg box. Cover it with foil and stick it to the centre of your shield with glue.
  5. Embellish with stickers, gems, etc. As a finishing touch cut out a strip of cardboard and stick to the back of your shield with tape as a handle.

3. Make some Bunting

You will need: paper, ribbon, scissors, pens, pencils, stickers, etc.

  1. Cut out as many triangles as you wish- make sure to leave a flap to attach to the ribbon
  2. Decorate your triangeles using pensm poencils, stickers, collage… remember to leave the flap clear
  3. Fold the flaps of your triangles over the ribbon and attach with glue or tape
  4. Hang your buting in the window for people to enjoy

4. Make fake snow!

It doesn’t matter that it’s summertime – you can still play in the snow with this easy craft!

You will need: Bicarbonate of soda, shaving cream or white hair conditioner, white or silver glitter (optional), mixing bowl

  1. Put a mugful of bicarbonate of soda into a bowl – add the glitter if using.
  2. Gradually add small squirts of shaving foam or hair conditioner and mix it together with your hands until you reach a powdery, fluffy consistency – if it gets too liquid-y just add a little more bicarbonate of soda.
  3. You have snow! You can mould it into snowballs or little snowmen!

5. Marshmallow sculpture

You will need: mini marshmallows, toothpicks, imagination!

  1. Make a simple shape like a square or triangle of your toothpicks and marshmallows: use this as your base.
  2. Build your sculpture from your base – see how big you can make it!
  3. Can you make a dodecahedron, with 12 faces? Or a icosahedron, with 20 faces?

Get creative, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

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