Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas!

This week it’s Adventure Week!

We’re bringing you weekly ideas for activities themed around our attractions so you can be creative, learn and have lots of fun, all without leaving the house!

Go on an adventure in your own home this week!
You may not be able to get out and about to our adventure attractions, but we’ve come up with some amazing adventures you can have whilst staying at home!

1. Make a Den

Make somewhere fun to hang out – you can create an indoor or outdoor den, so you can have fun whatever the weather!

You will need: chairs, sheets, pillows, blankets, string etc.

1. Clear enough space for your den
2. Create the frame for your den – you can use chairs if the den is inside, or tie rope between two trees in the garden. It’s up to you – just make sure the frame is secure and safe!
3. Cover the frame – use blankets, sheets or if you want to make sure your outdoor den is waterproof, tarpaulin or plastic sheeting.
4. Make it cosy – with cushions, more blankets etc. Then spend some time inside!

2. Create your own treasure map

You will need: paper, pens and pencils, teabag and water, paper towels

1. First, age your paper! For this, make a cup of tea (and give it to mum or dad!) and carefully take the teabag out. Let it cool, then dab it all over your paper until it looks very old. Place the paper between paper towels and pop a book on top to keep it flat. Leave the paper to dry for a couple of hours.
2. Once your paper is dry, then continue the aging process by scrunching it up – then unscrunch it again!
3. Draw your map – use your pens or pencils, and get creative! Remember – X marks the spot!

3. Make a marble maze

You will need: shoebox lid, pens, straws, sticky paper and glue, marble

1. Draw your maze design (straight lines only) on the inside of your shoebox lid. If you want, you can decorate your maze’s background with pens or paint – just make sure you can still see your design!
2. Cut straws to match each line in your maze.
3. Glue each straw to the lines then allow to dry.
4. Use your marble to roll through the maze!

4. Do a scavenger hunt!

Set up a scavenger hunt for a member of your household – or get them to set one up for you!

You will need: paper and pens, a prize!

1. Write down your clues on your paper! You can make them as easy or as hard as you want, here are some suggestions: find something that begins with the letter s, find something blue, find something with wheels, find something you can wear…
2. Follow the clues, or get your chosen scavenger to follow them! Once they have found something for every clue, they will win a prize!

5. Make your own binoculars

Another use for your leftover toilet roll tubes – make your own binoculars! Check out the National Coal Mining Museum’s video to see how Maurice the Miner made his own binoculars.

You will need: empty toilet roll tubes, glue, sticky tape, string, pens, paint, stickers etc.

1. Decorate your tubes however you like!
2. Glue your tubes together. To make them extra secure, tape them.
3. Punch a hole on the outer edge of both side of the binoculars. Cut enough string to hold the binoculars around your neck, and tie one end through each of the holes.
4. See what you can see through the binoculars!

Experiment, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for exciting adventure themed activity ideas next week.

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