Make staying at home a fun-filled adventure with our Yorkshire Attractions activity top tips!

Each week we will bring you exciting, crafty and educational (but fun!) themed activities that will make you love being at home.

For our first theme, it had to be animals! Our animal attractions may be closed for the time being, but don’t fear, we have some fun-filled activities for you to do in the comfort of your own home.

1. Rock Painting

Get creative this week by painting or drawing your own ‘rocky’ animal. From small stones to larger rocks, borrow one from your garden and create your own pebbly friend.

What you need: Pebble, Pen / Paint

Instructions: This one is super easy, simply select a pebble and then use your imagination to draw / paint your pebbly friend. Seal the image in place by finishing your design with a coat of varnish – even clear nail varnish will do!

2. Paper Caterpillar

It’s time to race your very own paper caterpillar – all you need is some paper and a straw!

What you need: paper, scissors, straw


  1. Cut an A5 piece of paper into 4 strips
  2. Take one of the strips and fold it in half, then quarters, then eighths and finally in half again
  3. Cut the edges of the paper into a curved shape
  4. Unravel the paper and draw on the end piece a face for your caterpillar
  5. Use your straw to move your caterpillar
  6. Now race!

3. Balloon Puppies

Balloons aren’t only for birthdays; they are for balloon puppies too! If you have any balloons going spare now is the time to dig them out and make a new friend.

What you need: A balloon, permanent marker, scissors and paper


  1. Blow up your balloon and tie the end to stop the air escaping
  2. Using a permanent marker pen, draw on your dream puppy’s face
  3. Taking a piece of paper, cut out two ears using scissors
  4. Stick on the ears and meet your friend!

Handy hint – you can make lots of friends with balloons – not just puppies! Tag us in your pictures so we can see what you make.

4. Toilet Roll Creatures

We know toilet roll is in high demand at the moment but put your empty rolls to use by transforming them into amazing animals. We’ve seen great examples from bees, to butterflies and even a giraffe! We can’t wait to see your creations.

What you need: An empty toilet roll tube, any craft items you can find

Instructions: This ones completely up to you! You are the visionary behind this one.

5. Animal Game

It’s time for a game!

We know that when you’re cooped up at home it can be hard to think about ways to get moving but how about a game? Our favourite animal themed game is ‘What Time is it Mr Wolf?’. If you’re a novice, here is how you play:

  1. One person is nominated to be the wolf. They stand against a wall with their eyes closed with their back to the room.
  2. Everyone else stands across the room facing the wolf.
  3. All players call out ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ and Mr Wolf turns and answers with a time (i.e. 3 o’clock).
  4. Mr Wolf then turns back around to face the wall. All the players move forward however many steps of the time. (i.e. for 3 o’clock, everyone moves 3 steps).
  5. This continues until the players are close to the wolf.
  6. When the wolf is ready, instead of answering with a time, he answers with ‘Dinner Time’ and turns to chase the players. Whoever he catches is the wolf next.

Interact with our animal attractions from the comfort of your own home!