Have fun whilst staying at home with our Yorkshire Attractions activity ideas!

This week it’s History Week!

Each week we’re bringing you themed activities that you can easily do from home, and that, much like our attractions, are fun AND educational!

Go back in time this week as our theme is history! Our historical attractions are currently closed to the public, but we’ve come up with some ideas so you can still learn a lot and have some history-themed fun at home!

1. Make a Viking Shield

Make and decorate your own shield, just like the Vikings – have a look at images on the Jorvik Viking Centre website for inspiration!

You will need: cardboard, an egg box, pens or paint, sticky tape, silver duct tape, foil, glue, and misc. craft supplies.

1. Find something round, like a mixing bowl, and place on your cardboard. Draw around it and cut out the circle.
2. Divide your shield in to four equal sections and stick duct tape along the lines. Paint or draw on each section with the colour and design of your choice.
3. Cover the edges of your shield with duct tape. As it is round, the easiest way to do this is to cut out lots of little pieces and overlap them along the edge.
4. Cut out a single raised section from your egg box. Cover it with foil and stick it to the centre of your shield with glue.
5. Embellish with stickers, gems, etc. As a finishing touch cut out a strip of cardboard and stick to the back of your shield with tape as a handle.

2. Draw your own family coat of arms

Many families have their own coat of arms – including the family who lived at Harewood House! Why not make a coat of arms for your family.

You will need: paper, pens, magazines to cut up for collage, imagination!

1. Print out the template for the crest here or draw your own.
2. Decorate! Traditionally, crests have animals either side, and contain images that are symbolic to the family. You can draw these or cut them out from magazines to create a collage.
3. Fill in the scroll underneath the crest with your family’s name – or come up with a family motto.

3. Make your own “Little Book”

The Brontë sisters wrote their own stories and poems in tiny little books when they were children. Make your own little book just like them by following these steps!

You will need: paper, glue, scissors, staples and a stapler OR needle and thread, pens and pencils

1. Print out the facsimile manuscript pages here or if you don’t have a printer, cut out your own very tiny pages. Mind your fingers -ask an adult to help if you need to!
2. Cut them out and glue them back to back so you have 8 double-pages.
3. Staple or sew them together – in both instances be careful, and get an adult to help if you need to!
4. Start writing your own story- and draw pictures too!

4. Create a toilet-roll castle!

Use up your empty toilet roll tubes by creating a castle!

You will need: toilet roll tubes, cardboard, scissors, glue and pens or paint

1. Cut out four equally sized walls that are a bit shorter than your tubes. Cut out crenellations (stepped pattern) in the top of the walls – in a real castle arrows were shot from the gaps!
2. Cut out crenellations in the top of your tubes.
3. Decorate your tubes and walls with a brick pattern or paint them! Remember to add a front door and arrow slits!
4. From the bottom of each of your tubes, draw two lines that are the height of your walls at a 90 degree angle to each other. Cut along the lines. Slot your walls into these to assemble your castle.

5. Make a folding timeline

Make your own timeline and fill it with facts of your choice – pick an era, create the timeline of a family member’s life or why not have a look at our attractions’ websites for some more ideas!

You will need: sheets of paper, pens, sticky tape

1. Place two sheets of paper edge to edge and tape along the edge. Continue until you have enough segments for your timeline.
2. Fill in each segment with a year, decade, or historical event. Remember to go in chronological order – which means, the earliest events first and the more recent ones later.
3. Add the date at the top, and underneath you can add drawings, pictures, or just write what happened – it’s up to you!

Experiment, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for exciting adventure themed activity ideas next week.

Explore our historical attractions from home!

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• There’s colouring pages and activities galore on the Brontë Parsonage Museum website.
• There’s absolutely heaps to learn via National Coal Mining Museum England’s fact sheets – and check out their Facebook page for daily videos and activities!
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