Get crafty this Easter with our third week of stay-at-home activities!

This week it’s Nature Week!

The activities are themed around our attractions, and much like them are creative, educational and fun all bundled into one!

Bring the outdoors inside this week as our third theme is nature! You may not be able to visit our outdoor attractions now, but don’t worry, we’ve got some super fun experiments and activities you can do with things you’ll find in your house.

1. Leaf Experiment

See how water travels through a leaf over a 3-day period. This is a quick one and is super interesting, so give it a go!

You will need: Leaves, scissors, clear cups, red food colouring.

1. Snip the bottom of the leaf stem and place it in a glass which is 2/3 full of water.
2. Add red food colouring to the water (the darker the red the better!).
3. Observe the leaf closely over 3 days and watch the as leaves slowly turn red!

2. Potato Printing

Create some quirky patterns with just a potato! How creative can you be?!

You will need: Potato, knife, paper, paint.

1. Ask an adult to carefully cut a potato in half.
2. Draw your design onto the flat end of the potato and cut around the outline with a sharp knife (again, adults only please!).
3. Use kitchen roll to absorb any excess moisture (dry the potato out!)
4. Apply a thin coat of paint to the design.
5. Stamp the potato on the paper and create your own unique artwork – using nothing but a vegetable!

3. Cloud in a Jar

Ever wondered how a clouds form? Why not create your own and find out…

You will need: Warm water, jar with a lid, ice cubes and hairspray.

1. Pour warm water (NOT boiling) into the jar.
2. Swirl the water around to warm the whole jar.
3. Place the lid of the jar upside down and fill with several ice cubes. Then place the upside lid on the top of the jar.
4. Quickly remove the lid and give a quick spray of hairspray into the jar. Then replace the upside-down lid with the ice cubes.
5. Remove the lid and watch the cloud escape!

Here’s a link to a video showing you how! 

4. Create a leafy friend!

Get arty and adventurous by creating your own friend out of natural objects such as leaves, sticks and moss!

You will need: leaves and anything else you find in your garden/on your daily walk!

This one doesn’t not require any instruction – let your Imagination run wild and don’t forget to show us your finished creation!

5. Garden on a plate!

Get creative as you design your ideal garden in miniature!

Simply get a plate (paper or actual plate) and create your own magical garden – whether this is painting or drawing on a paper plate or gathering moss to create grass and small pebbles to form steeping stones – put on your gardening gloves and give it a whirl!

Experiment, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for exciting history themed activity ideas next week.

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